This is why!

Circumflex was founded in 1971, which makes us the oldest student association in Maastricht. We are proud to say that's not all: we are the biggest as well! With our beautiful monumental home called 'De Kaap' located in the very centre of Maastricht, there really is no reason left why you shouldn't join us. But with only one week to get to know us, it can't hurt to help you out. So here is what we have to offer you. Let's go!



Circumflex is home to students with all kinds of backgrounds, interests and studies. In your first year you form a yearclub with fellow first year students. You'll also have the opportunity to join a Circumflex fraternity as a guy or a sorority as a girl, or even mixed. Forming these lifetime friendships is one of the things that makes us stand out.

Student homes

Many of our members live in a student house which are connected to our association. If you're looking for social roommates with whom you can relax, study, dine and/or party, this is the place for you. Homesickness is not in our dictionary, because there is no better place than a Circumflex home!


Circumflex is a place which gets you ready for your future. One of the many advantages of being part of such a big group is the knowledge we are able to share with each other. Students from almost all directions are gathered here. Should you strive to gain usefull experience(s) and develop yourself in ways you had never imagined, look no further.


Sociëteit de Kaap

Circumflex is the only association in Maastricht that's located in the city centre. You will find this monumental building just around the corner of the Vrijthof. It's a perfect second home for you during your years as a student in Maastricht! 

Aller Heiligen Convent

The Aller Heiligen Convent (AHC) is a union of ten student associations throughout the Netherlands. Circumflex is one of those associations. Are your friends joining one of the other 9 associations connected to the AHC? No worries. You'll surely see them at one of the AHC-parties.

Sports: Hockey

We love sports! That's why we joined our forces with the MSHC (Student Hockey Club of Maastricht). This hockey club offers you the chance to show your skills and make even more friends. Is hockey not for you? No worries. You can always cheer our soccerteam on during the annual tournament in the MVV stadion!